Advertising : Print , TV & Radio and Outdoor

MM Solutions is a full-service advertising agency in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam that specializes in digital marketing services and integrated communications solutions with over 6 years of experience in creating over 100 brand success stories. Unlike conventional advertising, MM Solutions looks at communication as the building block of every business because that is how people and business work and grow together, through communication that creates better opportunities for business conversion.

Based on the brand identity, MM Solutions will create and execute a 360 degree advertising campaign encompassing textual, audio & visual formats. 

Our advertising plan is focused on the message being communicated and maximum ROI. This philosophy has helped MM Solutions create highly innovative campaigns integrating ATL, BTL & Digital platforms. 

What started out as print, entered Television, Radio, Outdoors, etc. not to mention the relatively recent but powerful Digital advertising. Advertising is always finding new ways and mediums to promote your brand. However, the end objective remains unchanged – to drive an influence/ purchase of your product/service.

Our advertising services add glamour, change perceptions, and create loyalty by showcasing your product/service high points in a unique way with the help of insights that establishes reliability. Here, we don’t just communicate the truth, the dash of creativity we add makes it snack-able and memorable, building high recall for your brand.

At MM Solutions, we don’t just advertise, we have fun and make the brand proposition exciting. After all who wants to be experience something that is mundane and boring – No one. When you join hands with us, you are assured of one thing, exciting ways to promote your brand.

Print Advertising

Paper! There is nothing that can replace the feel and touch of paper. Your voice, our words and just paper. Sounds like a perfect date for your ad.

Print advertising is every brand’s go-to campaign communication strategy. It’s a tried and tested method that’ll never gets old. In order for PRINT advertising to be effective, wordplay and visual imagery should resound the brand speak in an interesting and unique manner. At, MM Solutions, we don’t just make print ads, we align them to your online marketing to bring about 4x times the impact.


There are two things that are irrefutable, One – The best way to start your day is with a piping hot cup of tea/coffee, few biscuits, and a newspaper; Two – 7 out of 10 people remember the print ads compared to online ads. Mic drop!


Some people shop to live and some live to shop, but one thing is for sure, everyone loves shopping. And the way they discover new ways to shop is via magazines – that’s a proven fact. A well-planned print advertising campaign featuring in the right magazine can do miracles for your brand. Needless to mention, magazine readers make up for a niche segment.

TVC/AV Advertising

Television evolved from black and white to colour and from without sound to surround sound. We don’t make ads, we make a difference. That’s what we do to your Television Commercials.

In the beginning there were pictures, then came moving pictures. Now we have moving pictures with sound. Our audio video advertising strategy is not to script just another TV commercial for your brand, but to create stories that people associate the brand with. Remember when we said, your voice – our words; that’s what we do to your TVCs as well. Our experts know how to use storytelling in order to make an impression for your brand.

Ad Films : 

What you call audio video advertising or television advertising, we call it “The spot.” Our expertise in making TVCs includes everything – right from the strategy, scripting, production, and media buying. We make ads that builds a recall factor in the minds of your target audience to help you grow.

Corporate Film :

Not just commercial, but we look after your corporate needs as well, be it for an event or an internal communication. Whatever be the need or occasion, we help you deliver the message loud and clear.

Animated Film :

Be it explainer videos or brand story videos, our script writer knows how to get the nuances right. We know how to make these animated films contribute to your sales.

Customer Testimonials :

Nothing’s more satisfying than having your customer talking about their experience with your brand/product/service. Fun Fact: Brands that run testimonial based ads build 3x times more audience credibility.  

Audio video advertising commercials are amongst the major arsenals of any ad agency. At MM Solutions, we believe that for a TVC to drive impact in your brand’s reach, it begins at the foundation – strategy. Our team of brand experts work towards scripting the best story for your brand/product/service. We align your brand stories through the right channel, to right target audience, and with the right script. TVCs don’t just end with reach, they also deliver brand recalls. That’s what makes us exceptional when it comes to your brand’s TVC. But, we don’t stop there – we are equipped to handle all your audio video advertising needs, be it your product videos or client testimonial videos. At the end of the day, we know how much you value your business… and we know how to help you grow it with the perfect ad.



Radio Advertising

Remember when we ask to be the voice of your brand, we got all avenues cover. Radio is just another skill in our basket. Your Jingles to jingle bells, we get them right.

If you think, “Who listens to radio these days?” then you are missing out on a major portion of your target audience. Be it phones or car radios, people listen to the FM on-the-go. In radio advertising there is no second page. If you are in the spot, then you are there up in the front.

Radio Spot :

Your brand on the most listened radio channel – good! What if we told you that our radio advertising strategy is to get you the best spot (the right one for your brand) – even better, right? Since radio is an active medium in an active society, it’s a targeted advertising that sells.

Radio Jingle :

“Hey, I know that tune!”

Is this what you want your customers to say when they hear your brand’s jingle? If yes, then think no more. Our radio advertising services offers a harmonious mix of tunes, words, and your jingles in a way that they could become viral overnight. After all, radio is everywhere and it sells with a touch of intimacy.


Outdoor Advertising

Fasten your seatbelts. You are about to get targeted. Be it billboards, hoardings or bus shelters, we know where and how to make the ‘bang’ effect from visuals to words. Your OOH is sorted – by us.

Now that we have your attention, let’s get down to business. Let us help you deliver that billboard which will make people step on their brakes.

PS. We promise to try not to create a ‘traffic’ jam!

Hoardings :

Yes, that’s the spot. We got that covered. Our outdoor advertising services includes a repository of a large pool of hoardings, from which we choose the right fit for your brand and deliver the right message.

Bus Shelter :

We know your target audience, and we know how to deliver that brand reach and awareness. We got all avenues covered, including the bus shelters.

Billboards :

Small or HUGE; you want it, we got it. Billboards go in line with your brand when you align them with other advertising campaigns. Nothing turns head (literally) better than billboards

There are a thousand ways to do Brand OOH and there are new found ways being discovered every day. Our outdoor advertising services don’t offer just another hoarding or billboard, but ensure heads turn, even the sore necks too. Outdoor advertising brings a lot of traction to your brand’s reach when placed right. A treat to delight your target audience who are stuck in traffic jams.

Small or large, your branding gets 4X times the reach and impact with a simple billboard campaign. Trust us, tech giants like Google and Facebook take it to the billboard when they want to broadcast their message to be heard loud and clear. That’s the beauty of OOH, it works across segments of your funnel and on your target audience as well.

Transit Advertising

Billboards in motion. Be it a bus, a car or even a metro train. You name it, we got it. Advertising on the go – we get it done right. Being an advertising agency in Hyderabad and Vizag, know the BEST way to do it.

Is that a car or is it me? Well, car, bus or the metro train, it doesn’t make a difference until we make it look it a moving billboard. The best part of transit advertising is that it drives cognitive brand recall and also influences purchase decisions since it is a form of outdoor advertising working in a targeted geographic placement. The added bonus is ‘quick results’.

Bus Ads :

There is always someone in the bus who does not look at their phones these day! Your target audience can be reached in the most cost effective manner.

PS. If your ad goes viral, more people might start taking the bus. Less traffic on the road, more traffic on your website

Cab Ads :

Be it taxis, autos or even Ola or Uber, there is always a demand for it. Well, that’s your cue. Get your ads out there and drive your sales faster than those drivers.

Train Ads :

Be it inside the compartment or the whole outer, local trains and metros cater millions in a day. What’s better than giving them a brand recall or even better a lead generated by it.

“Running an Ad agency is fun. Of course, it comes with its share of tensions and deadlines but when you help solve clients’ problems, you feel like a winner. Especially Ad Agencies in Hyderabad and Vizag, a city that’s blessed with a range of public transport. The BEST and local trains are called as ‘Lifelines’ of this city and everybody is dependent on them, no matter what age group or section they belong to.”

What’s more important is that transit advertising costs less and get more eyeballs as more and more people travel to work or study, daily. The beauty of transit advertising is that your ad will get noticed, unlike TVC and radio ads, where you tend to change the channels; or newspaper ads, where you just flip the page.