MM Solutions team has helped brands across industries like real estate, hospitality, non profit, political and more, position themselves for maximum success. 

Based on thorough a scientific exercise MM Solutions will develop for you the right brand positioning and the communicate plan to communicate the same to the target audience.

Yes! Well, how you do get your target audience to engage with you directly and learn their feedback? That’s where we come in. We build BTL strategies that help you bring instant awareness, instant leads and instant customers.

Direct Marketing

Your go-to outbound marketing is also our favourite skillset. Our experts know the best strategy to build your direct marketing campaigns that drive results

Our lead advertising services generate leads that others spend eternity trying  

Was that the postman? Well, some people really look forward to the post. Lead generation is a proven outbound function that focuses on all sections on the sales funnel. When you personalise it, you get close to 40% response rate. Direct marketing is far from dead.

Direct Mail

Receiving a physical mail is still a pretty amazing thing in the digital age. We know how hard it is generating leads using outbound marketing. But when done right, outbound can fill up your sales funnel with quality leads. Not just leads, direct mail is also a strong method to boost your credibility with existing customers


“Hello, is this lead generation.” Give your telemarketing a revamp. While telemarketing is a lengthy process in lead generation, if you know what, whom, and when to offer, your lead generation can shoot up by 28%.

Direct Marketing is very straightforward because most of these communications come in unannounced and so the attention span of your audience is short. Our lead advertising services are so productive that the ROI it yields is up to 44 times for every rupee spent. We know how to make it conversational and informative, not just while putting it on the post but in E-mails as well, thanks to the digital era of marketing. Direct Marketing does not just help you sell, it helps you in research as well, like determining your target audience and customer feedbacks. We know how to keep those mails and telemarketing in sync with your digital marketing campaigns to boost your sales. 

Events, Exhibitions And Promotions

In a world where everybody wants their brand to get noticed, there can’t be a better way than participating in an event and exhibition. From brand awareness to instant sales, event and exhibitions help you spin your marketing in the right direction.

Exhibitions – the one place where your business directs the spotlight from brand awareness to your competition and sales. Wondering how? We will dive headfirst into it.

Exhibition Stall :

Your one-stop shop for all your exhibition needs. From designing the stall to creating sales collaterals, we get it done just right.

Event Management :

Be it your sales and distributor conference or any other corporate event, we act as your ground control. We don’t just help you in the ideation of the event, but also make sure it goes smooth all the way from the beginning. We have a dedicated team, who understand your needs to offer the best of the best. From AVs and presentations to all your collateral needs, our event marketing services division has you covered.

Product Launch & Promotional Activities :

Sales promotion or just a product/service experience? You name it, we deliver it. We know when, where, and how to get your promotional activities on the road (literally too). Not just that, when it comes to you product launches, we ensure everybody’s eyes (and ears) are glued to it.

We don’t just drive your strategy, we work on it and we see it through till the lights go out.

Sales And Marketing Collateral

Never leave your customer in doubt. Starting with booklets, pamphlets, leaflets and flyers to all the stationery items that can be customized – your collateral need are all taken care off at our one-stop shop.

You are not alone! Let us help you find it. Correction – We make it for you. All you need to do is, sign right here. (Is that a brand’s logo on the pen?) Subtle brand recall – done right.

Stationery :

Paper to pen and everything you think of, it can be branded with your name.

Brochures :

Still searching? While others make brochures that get lost, we make brochures that your customers will keep it safe – because they will love it.

Sales/Media Kits :

Remember you have an event up coming up? Don’t worry let us help you with your sales kits. Everything you need to approach a new lead to a new customer.

Presentation :

Final 1.Pptx or Final Final 1.pptx which one was it? Stop worrying about what goes on the screen, just worry about that pitch and tone. 

Sales Letters :

Dear customer,
This is to inform you that….
Why go through all the trouble when we can do it for you.
Sales Letter.