Social Media

Content | Interaction | Conversion | Apps | Facebook | Youtube | Google + | Twitter | Pinterest Mwas one of the first among peers to become a content partner with Google.

MM Solutions was one of the first among peers to become a content partner with Google. While you focus on your primary business requirements .MM Solutions will be your online team to ensure that your brand has a professional presence making great first impression and maintaining interaction with potential customers. This is achieved through carefully gauged posting of Facebook content and Youtube videos. Any interaction received by your brand is immediately responded to and even those with negative feedback are converted to positive following.

Digital Services

At a time when internet users in India are growing at a rate of 40% and smartphone users at 15% , relying solely on usual advertising methods would spell doom. In order to stay relevant, brands are shifting to the digital space. With MM Solutions, a Digital ad agency based out of Hyderabad and Vizag, you go a step further. We exercise a few filters to ensure a flawless digital marketing plan

THE Product – When every product is different, so are the ways to communicate them

People FIRST – Products are created keeping in mind people’s mindset, usage pattern, etc. Identifying and understanding the consumption pattern increases the effectiveness of a digital marketing plan

Place MATTERS – In order to be relevant, it’s important to understand what our audience is looking for and where is he looking for, in the digital space. E.g., NOT advertising brassiere to a male when he is looking for grooming products

HOW TO Promote – Sometimes devil is in the details, sometimes just touching base is enough

Due to rapid digital access and exposure, we understand the importance of ensuring extra care in what’s said, to whom it’s said, and how it’s said. As a technologically forward agency, our digital marketing strategies implement a zero-resource wastage policy to offer higher ROI for our clients.

Our advertising strategies are curated for the digital age. Today, digital is not just a domain of marketing, but a way businesses are defining the way they fundamentally operate. Adoption of Digital technologies don’t just offer an advantage in marketing & advertising but also provides an edge over others.

At MM Solutions, we analyse all of this and more with a dash of style and a slice of fresh outlook unlike other digital ad agencies in Hyderabad.

Digital Marketing

Hello there, is this lead generation talking? Yes! We don’t just acquire leads, we nurture and convert them as well

Our digital marketing effectively leverages technology with a marketing wrapper around it. Be it emails or social media, we know how to make the most it for your brand

Lead Generation :

Being your digital marketing agency, we ensure quality online traffic for your brand through a unique combination of strategic marketing, clutter-breaking creative, higher ranking and aggressive buzz creation.

Social Media Optimisation :

Our social media strategists, hold the secret recipe when it comes to your social media channels. Most advertising agencies focus on quick results but the impact of it is not long lasting. This is where we come in, delivering quality leads.

Social Media Marketing :

Being a full fledged advertising agency, we ensure everything that goes up online is in line with the offline campaigns. We know how to play with the words and trends, to get your brand’s voice out there.

Search Engine Optimization :

Being a Digital Advertising Agency we build websites which are optimized for SEO by meeting all the checkboxes a Search Engine would take into account in order to prioritize your website in its listing.

Search Engine Marketing :

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are part of the same strategy to improve your presence on the Search Engine but these are different in the sense that Search Engine Marketing is a paid service, where you bid for keywords that describe your business and based on what the user types, your business shows up on the Search Engine Listing before the search listing but labelled as an Ad.

Email, SMS & Whatsapp :

The most effective tool for online marketing, we use Email Marketing to directly market the brand proposition to target groups via email. Building loyalty, trust and creating brand awareness.

Technology Development

We bring our ideas and creativity alive with the best of technology – for you.

Analytics :

Data crunching is in our daily menu. We make sure we eat them all up so that you don’t have to worry about growth. Remember, it all began with data.

Website Design And Development :

We don’t build a website, we create customer experiences. Period. You read that right. Your customers are driven by responsive websites that give them exactly the information they are looking for. This is what we believe too, which is why we value the user experience more than anything when it comes to your web development. 

Your customers love you when you make them feel at home and nothing does that better than an amazing website. Yes, all said and done your website is the face of your business on the web and you need to take care of it every day. You need it to keep them up to date, on top in SEO, link them to sites, drive your target audience to build traffic and in the end convert them into customers. Not to mention, the content and the visuals. Did you forget to add analytics and that sales landing page?  Wait, don’t hold your breath! Let us worry about all that.

App Design And Development :

When it comes to apps, we know how much you love the comfort, more importantly, we know how much your customers love it. Bringing your business into a compact space, we got that covered.

Most of your customers already feel at home (Yeah, we tracked them to your website). Your app can make them feel even more comfortable. Not to mention that both your customers and target audience live on the go; the mobile world. With the internet in their in hands they don’t sit on desktops and laptops anymore. Time to fit your business in those same hands. Our App development does it for you.

If you are reading this on your mobile, then yes our website is mobile responsive but you know we also got your app development covered. With 58% of the time being consumed on the mobile apps by today’s audience, you are losing on them if you don’t have an app.